About HICO America

HICO America, with headquarters in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and facilities in Los Angeles and Greensburg, PA, is part of the Power Systems business unit, in the Industrial Performance Group of the Hyosung Corporation, a large publicly traded corporation based in Seoul, South Korea. HICO is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company, with primary business in power system products.

Within this Power System division, HICO has been manufacturing power transformers since 1969, when it began a technical relationship with Westinghouse Corporation which lasted until the 1990's. HICO offers small, medium and large power transformers, both core and shell form technology, up to 765kV 2050kV BIL, 2,400MVA capacity, as well as large power shunt reactors up to 765kV. HICO also manufactures SF6 power circuit breakers and Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 800kV, and compact Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 38kV.

Having supplied over 10,000 High and Medium Voltage GIS and High Voltage breaker installations, and 4,500 power transformers worldwide and 1,400 power transformers in North America ,HICO is a world leader in technology and quality in the power equipment industry. Domestically here in North America, HICO America maintains a strong reputation for customer service and quality. With engineering, services, logistics, project management and sales teams working together in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, as well as at our factory in ChangWon,South Korea, we continue to delight our customers with our immediate responsiveness & world class quality.

Our goal remains to Power the Success of our customers' projects, doing our part & contributing by bringing projects online on-time, and exceeding expectations of quality and service.


HICO Timeline

  • 1962 - 1977 A New Beginning

    • HICO Established

    • Developed 3 Phase 154kV Power Transformer
    • Developed 169kV Switchgear

    • Developed 345kV Power Transformer
    • Developed 170kV Gas Circuit Breaker
    • Developed 3 Phase High Voltage Induction Motor

  • 1978 - 1992 Era of Expansion and Research

    • Developed Cast Resin Transformer
    • Developed 362kV 40kA Gas Insulated Switchgear

    • Awarded Grand Prize for Total Quality Control

    • Developed 25.8kV 25kA Gas Insulated Switchgear
    • Developed 765kV Transformer
    • Expansion of the HICO Power Transformer Plant

  • 1993 - 1997 Era of Quality Perfection

    • Received ISO 9001 Certificate

    • Developed 345kV Shunt Reactor

    • Developed 25.8kV 25kA Gas Insulated Switchgear
    • Developed 765kV Transformer

    • Developed 362kV 50kA Gas Insulated Switchgear

  • 1998 - 2004 Era of Globalization

    • First Power Transformer Delivered to North America

    • HICO America formally established and incorporated in Pennsylvania
    • First 345kV Shell Form Transformer installed and energized in North America

    • First Core Form 345kV Transformer installed and energized in North America

    • Established the Switchgear Final assembly, test and quality assurance plant in Greensburg,PA

  • 2005 - 2013 Era of Sustainability

    • Shipped First 345kV and 138kV Shunt Reactors in the US
    • Designed and delivered first 500kV class transformers to North America

    • Developed 800kV Gas Circuit Breaker
    • Shipped first "HICO Package" to a wind farm in the US with MV switchgear, power transformer, and HV switchgear

    • Delivered our first 800kV breaker and 765kV autotransformer to North America

    • 1000th Power Transformer Shipped in the US
    • HICO America continues to expand its US-based organization to best serve our customers in North America