Success starts with safe, sustainable power.

HICO is more than just an energy supplier. We partner with your business to understand your immediate needs and long-term goals before developing an energy solution that fits your budget and drives success.
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Agile solutions

HICO designs electrical solutions and systems that meet your energy needs and support your business goals.

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Flawless execution

Our heavy electrical equipment and systems are fabricated, assembled, and installed by a team of experienced experts.

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Global impact

We’re committed to providing American businesses with energy solutions that increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Success starts with safe, sustainable power
Shifting to sustainability


Shifting to sustainability.

HICO is committed to building an electrical infrastructure that supports American industries and reduces the global effects of our energy needs. Our sustainability initiatives involve taking action to address the impact made yesterday, improve the processes used today, and invest in the technologies that will shape tomorrow.
As our industry evolves, we seek opportunities to recycle and repurpose facilities and equipment that no longer meet our standards; develop safer, more efficient methods to produce and transfer energy; and bridge the gap between modern-day demands and future possibilities. By continuing to harness low-carbon sources with nuclear and hydro facilities, and expanding renewable energy capabilities, HICO will be able to meet growing energy demands while protecting and preserving the environment for generations to come.


Our differences make all the difference.

HICO was founded on the principle of putting culture first, and our culture is centered around inclusion and teamwork. We value the different experiences and backgrounds that each employee brings to the team and the entrepreneurial spirit of our organization thrives on diverse opinions. We can only produce the best products and solutions when our people feel comfortable sharing ideas, best practices, and experiences. Beyond the immediate HICO organization, we’ve set up a network of approved Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) that offer the supplementary services needed to carry out our projects. DBE inclusion is not only the right thing to do but working with these organizations has consistently yielded on-time and under-budget projects for our clients. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion isn’t just a talking point at HICO, it’s part of our DNA.
Our differences make all the difference

What’s happening at HICO?

Throughout the year, HICO hosts and attends events aimed at supporting local communities, bringing awareness to important issues, and providing employees with opportunities to learn and grow their professional skills.
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

HICO America employees volunteered their time to help feed local people in need. We were able to distribute food to over 800 families throughout the Pittsburgh community.

No Dog Left Behind: Saving Animals and Enriching People

No Dog Left Behind: Saving Animals and Enriching People

No Dog Left Behind gives animals a second chance. HICO America was honored to spend a day volunteering for a great organization.


IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo: New Orleans April 25-28, 2022

Reconnect with us in the Big Easy. HICO America will exhibit once again at the IEEE PES T&D Conference in 2022. Stop by our booth if you’re at the expo.

The evolution of HICO America.

HICO is an American company backed by the resources and commitment to innovation at Hyosung Heavy Industries in South Korea. We’re proud to develop our energy solutions and heavy electrical equipment here in the U.S. and grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with our associates at Hyosung.
  • HICO was established.
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  • Delivered first 3ph 154kV power transformer.
  • Delivered first 170kV switchgear.
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  • Delivered first 3ph 345kV power transformer.
  • Delivered first 170kV gas-insulated circuit breaker.
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  • Delivered first 362kV class gas-insulated switchgear.
  • Awarded award for best quality control factory in Korea.
  • Delivered first 25kV class gas-insulated switchgear.
  • Delivered first 765kV transformerr.
  • First expansion of power transformer factory.
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  • Received ISO 9001 certificate in Korea.
  • Delivered first 345kV class shunt reactor.
  • Delivered first 362kV class gas-insulated switchgear with 50kA fault current rating.
  • First power transformer delivered to the USA.
  • HICO America established, incorporated in Pennsylvania.
  • Delivered first 362kV transformer to USA.
  • Established gas-insulated switchgear factory in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Delivered first 345kV and 138kV class shunt reactors to USA.
  • Delivered first 500kV class transformer to the USA.
  • Developed first 765kV breaker in the market rated 63kA and 2050kV BIL tested to IEEE standards.
  • Delivered first collector substation package for USA wind farm including main power transformer, HV gas circuit breaker and MV gas-insulated switchgear.
  • HICO delivers first power transformers to North America from our Nantong, China facility.
  • Delivered first 765kV gas circuit breaker to the USA.
  • Delivered first 765kV class autotransformer to the USA.
  • Delivered 1000th power transformer to the USA.
  • HICO secures first EPC GIS substation project as design-builder.
  • HICO delivers first 765kV class oil-filled shunt reactors to the USA.
  • HICO commissions largest STATCOM +/- 400MVAR available at that time.
  • First battery energy storage system delivered to the USA.
  • IEEE type testing of 72.5kV and 145kV GIS model.
  • HICO acquires large power transformer manufacturing facility in Memphis, TN.
  • HICO delivers its first USA made power transformers.
  • HICO develops high capacity STATCOM IGBT valve for USA Market.
  • Commissioned first +/- 150MVAR STATCOM system in the Northeast, USA.
  • Developed highest non-sf6 Dry-air MV GIS rated 38kV 40kA 2500A.
  • Developed IEEE 245kV 80kA GIS model.