Power Transformer
HICO offers various types of power transformers with ratings up to 765kV. Our transformers have off-load or on-load tap changers to adapt to various network conditions and satisfy international standards.
With world-class technology as a foundation, HICO provides the most advanced high voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear and Gas Circuit Breaker with rated voltage up to 800kV.
Shunt Reactor
HICO offers efficient shunt reactors with ratings up to 765kV that are manufactured to the needs of the global customers, helping to increase the effectiveness of their grids.
Energy Storage System (ESS)
HICO has strengths in the ESS business and contributes to maximizing customer value and creating new future value for the electric power industry.
HICO's STATCOM boasts the largest capacity in the world of technology MMC which provides an optimal solution to various applications such as power utilities, renewable and industrial plants.
Solar Inverter
HICO's solar inverter provides customers with reliable solar power plant operation solutions based on high efficiency and high reliability..

 HICO Project Highlights